New 8-Bit Knockoffs Of Your Favorite Next-Gen Consoles Now Available

Today seems to be all about the knockoffs and saving a few bucks here and there for the parents who do not have a clue what their kids are asking for. The latest of the cheap knockoffs to surface are of Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's Playstation 3.

Rodisson Technologies Company sounds and looks like a very shady company. One look at their website should have anyone running for the hills. The product pictures are worse than you would expect to find on CraigsList or Ebay.  These cheaper versions of the popular consoles come from China (big surprise there) and only play 8-bit games.

Oh yeah incase we did not mention earlier you must make a minimum purchase of 10,000 pieces. The "Happy 360" even has a wired light gun presumably for games such as Duck Hunt. The "Play Power 3" also has a light gun that may in fact be a real gun that was photoshopped in because this picture was clearly made by a photoshop prince. For everyone who is just dying to know, there are a total of 512 built in games altogether.