Wii Fit U Pedometer tracks you outside the home

In a move that will have Nintendo once again praised for their reminding of gamers that they need to turn away from the television here and again, the Wii Fit U Pedometer has been revealed. This device will work with the Wii U on the game Wii Fit U specifically, having you flip it on our off depending on how much you want to record of the fitness you've got during your normal everyday life. This device will be added to the Balance Board accessory already working with the original Wii Fit.

This device will push the Wii U up to another level of accessibility, this in addition to the accessories that work with the original Wii as well as the Wii U GamePad and the Wii U Pro Controller revealed this week. This Pedometer accessory will likely be packaged with the software Wii Fit U as it is made specifically for that environment and will work only with the Wii U console.

The Pedometer will be able to count your steps, track your altitude, and estimate your calories burned during your exercise sessions. You'll also be able to generally track all of your physical activity while you're not directly in front of your television as well. This device will be able to transfer all of this data to your Wii U through the infrared transceiver port on your Wii U GamePad – cool beans!