Wifi Smartphone Charging Adopted By Mystery Brand

Well if that isn't the most mysterious title for an article about a next-generation wireless charging technology, I don't know what is. The folks at Energous have shared some information this week about their technology "WattUp", a technology that'll allow you to charge your phone while you walk around your home. Someone adopted their technology, but they can't say who.

So we get to see one half of an awesome adoption of this technology. It's sort of surprising, given the fact that most of the time it's both companies that are excited to let the world know that they've teamed up.

In this case, it's about "anonymity for competitive reasons."

Above you'll see what this technology is all about. It's really exciting if you're not unreasonably frightened of the concept originally conceived by Nikola Tesla. You won't be able to see the bolts of electricity flying through the air in this case, but you will get real wireless, contact-less charging.

The Energous group has signed a joint development agreement (JDA) with an "Asia-based global electronics company" for future products. They'll begin by creating "reference designs for embedded WattUp wire-free charging capabilities."

Perhaps we'll see this wireless, roaming charging technology take hold inside the next few years. Can't wait!