WiFi aggregator gobbles up signals

Chris Davies - May 29, 2007

I’m not going to go into the pros and cons of wardriving; instead I’m going to marvel at a healthy brace of antennas and congratulate Mark and Boris of geektechnique for their WiFi aggregator.



Designed to take various WiFi connections, connect to all of them and then combine the bandwidth to take full advantage of every internet hook-up available, the Slurpr is built around a compact Routerboard motherboard with embedded 266MHz CPU, six mini-PCI wireless cards and the Debian OS.

 Slurpr WiFi aggregator

Mark and Boris are planning to sell the device for €999 ($1,344), although you might have to sign a waiver to absolve them from any responsibility should you then go on to steal other people’s bandwidth.  It reminds me of the Microsoft Research project VirtualWiFi, which fooled the OS into thinking that one wireless adaptor was in fact several, allowing you to connect to multiple networks at once.



geektechnique [via electro^plankton]

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