Widgets take centre stage (and take over your screen!)

Setting out to recreate a slightly-less-warmongering version of the Pentagon's "Situation Room", Mike Elgan's latest column over at Computerworld is all about harnessing the awesome power of widgets.  No, not the little plastic nugget at the bottom of some beer cans, the tiny apps that display single-feature-specific information on your desktop.  Mike compiles a list of different widget suppliers and then lays out his idea of a dedicated PC for an always-visible infostream.  Check out his news-junkie page, below, and after the cut a virtual window of webcams.

My only thought would be... what if you want to blog about something you see?  It's a pain in the ass to have to load up the exact same link on whatever PC you use to do your blogging from.  Still, it looks damn cool!

Go Wild With Widgets [Computerworld]