Wicked Lasers puts cease and desist letter from Lucasfilm on eBay

About this time last month that really sweet laser from Wicked Lasers called the Spyder III Pro Arctic laser turned up and at the time it made me and a bunch of other people think about the lightsaber. It's wasn't long before Lucasfilm was all pissy because they reckoned the laser was too much like a lightsaber and tried to make Wicked Lasers pull the thing from the market with a cease and desist letter.

Wicked Lasers is asking fans of lasers like the Spyder III to come forward and help fight the evil empire that is Lucasfilm and its apparent desire to liken all laser pointers to lightsabers and force them off the market. Wicked wants you to join the Lasers for Liberty community on Facebook and sign the petition to get George Lucas to stop being such a douche.

You can also bid for the original cease and desist letter on eBay right now. The bidding is up to $330. The winner of the auction gets the real letter from Lucasfilm and printed clips from the websites likening the laser to a lightsaber.