Lucasfilm thinks Wicked Lasers Pro Arctic Laser looks like a lightsaber too

Remember that awesomely powerful laser I mentioned a while back called the Pro Arctic Laser from Wicked Lasers? You know the one that can burn skin, blind users, and catch stuff on fire. It reminded me and a bunch of other geeks of a lightsaber.

Despite the fact, that nowhere in the product description does Wicked use Star Wars terms or link the thing to the film franchise in any way, Lucasfilm is pissed. Apparently, Lucasfilm wants the thing pulled from the market for excess awesomeness and infringement.

Wicked received a cease and desist letter from Lucasfilm that stated, "It has come to our attention that a company called Wicked Lasers is selling a highly dangerous product out of Hong Kong that is designed to look like a lightsaber from Star Wars. This product is not licensed or approved by Lucasfilm in any way. We have demanded that Wicked Lasers immediately cease and desist their infringing activities. As Wicked Lasers itself admits, this product can cause serious injury to the user and other people. We strongly discourage consumers from purchasing it." Is it just me, or do you want this thing even more now? I'd totally like to melt a Darth Vader action figure with this thing.