Wicked Audio Solus wired headphones Review

Chris Burns - Jan 22, 2013
Wicked Audio Solus wired headphones Review

From the folks at Wicked Audio come a pair of headphones they’ve dubbed Solus, bringing in a relatively inexpensive pair of audio blasters that are light as well as bright. You’ve got a standard headphone jack on a soft material cord that’s attached to the headphones themselves, an extension cord so you can listen in from across the room, and a carrying sack with a couple of drawstrings so you can keep your phones clean. What you’ll be working with here is a street-ready pair of headphones that wont break the bank and will brighten up your noggin when you’re rocking them on the daily.

This pair of headphones works with a 40mm driver, sensitivity at 105gB, and frequency/impedance at 20Hz-20,000Hz and 32Ohms. They’re basic, yet relatively high fidelity, and they sound pretty decent for your everyday music listening experience. These aren’t the kind of headphones you’re going to be using to mix your next record – they’re the kind you’re going to stash in your backpack for listening in on the way to school to whatever audio device you’ve got handy.


These phones are extremely light – almost too light, actually – and they come in black with a few red splashes to keep you bright in the night. The phones are able to turn at 90 degree angles so you can listen to one at a time while the other faces forward or backward, and you can fold the whole setup up inside itself for easy storage. These headphones are made of a mostly plastic casing with some faux leathery-like material up around the top for comfort across the top of your head.


The cord you get with the Wicked Audio Solus is 4 feet on its own – generous enough by itself to be sure – but you also get an extension cord you can use if you’re plugging into something that’s 10 feet away from you. The extension cord itself is 6 feet and will make sure you’re gaming all wired up with your console if that’s your brand of entertainment. You also get a lovely full-sized jack for plugging in to your studio amp if you’re rolling with some electric guitars, too.

You’ll be able to pick these headphones up right this minute from the finest audio retailers for right around $60 USD. That’s decent without a doubt – have a peek and grab a deal where you can.

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