Wi-Fi Sync for Windows Released, Now Supports the iPad

We've covered Wi-Fi Sync pretty heavily 'round these parts, and that's for a good reason. It's awesome. You doesn't like syncing their gadgets to another gadget wirelessly? Especially when it's something like the iPhone. Right from the start, the application got some high praise for how well it worked. And then when we realized that we could disable the initial backup, our world got a whole lot better. But when the speed test showed us how fast Wi-Fi Sync really was, well, we were happy to toss away our cords. Unfortunately, Apple denied the app and it subsequently released through Cydia. Now, though, we've got some more good news to pass along.

First and foremost: Greg Hughes (the creator of the application) has released the Windows version of Wi-Fi Synch, a full month before he originally intended. He originally promised it for a July release, but thanks to everyone's constant requests over the last two weeks, he decided to release it early. So, thanks for that.

And finally, and forgive us for saving the best for last, we can now finally say that the iPad is fully supported. Yes, that's right. Your magical and revolutionary tablet device from Apple is now supported for wireless sync. So, if you've been waiting to get your hands on Wi-Fi Sync on your Windows-based machine, the time is now. And let's not forget your tablet can now shy away from those cables.

[Thanks, Greg!]