Why PUBG on Android is better than Fortnite on iPhone

Android users rejoice, for the gaming experience in PUBG mobile is better than that of Fortnite mobile. This should quite obviously be understood as an entirely subjective sort of declaration, but my reasons are basic and, I believe, pretty universal. When I play Fortnite mobile, I die right away, and when I play PUBG mobile, I don't die nearly quite so quick.

I Die

The intricacies of the game in Fortnite for iOS are encouraging. This is easily one of the most involved and awesome online games created for the mobile platform. Those gamers given the opportunity to play Fortnite mobile via invite are lucky, because this game is incredible. But there's a big problem with this game, for me: I die.

I die right away, and I die pitifully. I get crushed pitifully early, and I rarely find the time to loot enough to put up a decent defense. This game is mobile, sure, but for me it's too quick. Games on smartphones and tablets should be potentially quick. But with these games, I feel as though there's a necessity that there be a LITTLE bit of a chance to live, or maybe even knock another player out.

I Live

With PUBG, PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds, for iOS and Android, there's a chance for glory. There's certainly still a chance that I might get headshot in the first 5 minutes, but there's plenty of time for me to get out there and find a helmet. I can find my way into a building, suit up – or at least find a weapon – and be back out on the run before someone else spots me.

Over at Kotaku, author Cameron Kunzelman has similar thoughts on the PC and console-based versions of these same games. There, Kunzelman suggests that PUBG is slow, and that's a good thing. When it comes to mobile, I say that's doubly true.

On Small Bots

In Fortnite, the world feels too small. The chances are too high that I be killed in a span of time less than that of the span I waited for the game to begin. That's just frustrating. In PUBG, even IF their strategy for new players is to put them up against what Reddit suggests are low-level bots, it's working. It's making me feel like I'm at least OK at the game, and the more time I play, the more I feel I have to lose if I don't continue.

You Android gamers still waiting for the Android release of Fortnite, don't worry. You're not missing a lot. Not yet, anyway. We'll be continuing to play both games well into the future, so we'll let you know if anything changes.