Why Google Glass is destined for Hyper-Reality TV

A rather interesting video has come out this week with New York Fashion Week playing host to Google Glass technology, the ultimate product being an all-Glass shot video on the runway with designer Diane von Furstenberg. What this film "DVF Through Glass" shows us is a very real vision – one we've seen a few times before, in different formats – of what it feels like to be the subject of the film rather than watching it. Watch as you become the model walking through the dressing room and you'll see and experience Google Glass in what we thus far are understanding the project to be all about – ramming the whole world into the head of one single subject.

When you watch a reality television show like Dance Moms or Honey Boo Boo, you and thousands of other viewers watch the subjects live their lives – and perform for the camera no matter how much the show suggests that it's all taking place exactly as it would without our eyes present. With Google's Glass, we'll be able to take the place of the people in the show – and better yet, we'll only be seeing the world through the tiny Glass camera, not a film crew. In this way we'll be seeing a whole new environment.

The people in the show will react differently than they would with a full film crew present, and if and when they understand that Glass is what's filming them, they'll usher in another set of filmed reactions that wont have been seen by any larger camera in the past. This will be an experiment not so much in taking the place of the subject of the show, but in seeing how the subjects of the show act when they're filmed by a fellow subject rather than by a standard film crew.

Have a peek at the DVF video here first and check the reactions at this week's Fashion Week – it gets indy real quick!

Then have a peek at a couple other demonstrations from Google, first with the mother and child duo "Madame & Bebe Gayno" – cuteness!

Then have a peek at the amazingly fantastic skydive session from Google I/O 2012.