White Xbox One employee edition will have a single unit in the wild

It would appear that there will, indeed, be an opportunity for you, the member of the public, to get your hands on the fabled white Xbox One. This machine is the employees-only version of the console, reserved only for top-brass and very special workers at Microsoft – but this week charity donations have gotten the better of the situation.

What you'll see here is the white Xbox One put up for charity with the title "Xbox One White Exclusive Launch Team Commemorative Special Edition." This machine is not one of a kind, but it may as well be: as far as we've heard from Microsoft, no other version of this device will be released to the public. Everything under the hood will be the same as the first wave of Xbox One units headed to the public otherwise.

This is Auction is for an exclusive commemorative Xbox One console in special edition white. Created exclusively for members of the Xbox One launch team, it includes an Xbox One console in Special Edition white (adorned with "I Made This" to the right of the disc tray), a white special edition controller, Kinect sensor, Chat Headset, and an exclusive Day One Achievement and special Launch Team Achievement.

Proceeds from the single auction where this machine will be delivered will be pushed to GamesAid. This is a children's charity that ties the computer games industry with charities across the UK. Smaller UK-based charities are given the cash, some past organizations benefitting being Action For Kids, Jigsaw 4U, Small Steps, Special Effect and The Willow Foundation.

Have a peek at the white Xbox One above and dive in with other recent news bits and pieces in the Xbox One archive below. We've also got a lovely Xbox One tag portal you'll want to jump in on and follow the rest of this saga through launch!

VIA: Kotaku