White Verizon iPhone 4 Image Leaked?

Possibly, possibly not. The image you're about to set your eyes upon was leaked to Ahmed Omar of Covering Web today. In the image you'll see several things: first of all, it appears to be a white iPhone 4. No surprise. Then, it appears to show an improved iPhone 4 antenna design fixing the "Antennagate" problem. This is almost certainly going to be a feature whether this phone is real or not. Next, there's a lack of of a SIM card slot looking right at us (Verizon doesn't use SIM cards.) Then, what's that? Oh yes, there's a Verizon brand marking in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

Real deal leak, or elaborate hoax? If it's a hoax, what do they have to gain? Lots and lots of money? Not like there's ever been a fake iPhone before, right? If it's not a hoax, can we hope for a white iPhone 4 popping out of the Verizon hole before the holidays are upon us? Only the king of all Apples knows for sure.

[Via CoveringWeb]