White Nokia N9 shipping now

Nokia has begun shipping the white N9, its fourth color variant of the niche-appeal MeeGo smartphone. Revealed back at Nokia World 2011, the white handset is functionally identical to the three existing color options of N9, but has proved surprisingly coveted by MeeGo fans. Of course, the biggest problem may be finding one actually on sale.

That's because the N9 is still a relatively rare beast across the globe, with Nokia's Lumia 800 being the device the Finnish company has heaped its hopes upon. That means the white N9 is likely to show up in Finland, Poland and Russia, but not in the US or UK unless you can source one from independent resellers.

Of course, where the N9 goes, it's entirely possible that the Lumia 800 could follow. Nokia's Windows Phone 7 handset has so far only been seen in black, cyan and magenta, but being all but identical to the N9 casing may very well show up in a white iPhone rivaling hue sometime soon.

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