White Nexus S For AT&T Spotted Briefly On Samsung Site

The Sprint Nexus S 4G smartphone has just launched earlier this week, hitting the shelves of Sprint and Best Buy on May 8th. Rumors have been floating that Samsung was working on an AT&T version of this pure Google phone, and today further evidence has surfaced.

A white Nexus S showed up on Samsung's website today for a brief moment before being pulled. The guys at PocketNow were able to get a screenshot of the page, which clearly indicated the carrier would be AT&T.

Listed as 'pearly white' the device is actually two-toned, with the back side being white and the front face being black. It is also listed with the model number GT-I902A instead of SGH-Ixx7 as is normally expected from a Samsung smartphone sold directly through the carrier. This could mean that this Nexus S is slotted for retailer-only distribution.

No details on pricing or release date have been confirmed, but Best Buy's $99 subsidized price for the T-Mobile Nexus S is a good indicator of what to expect. Also considering the recent AT&T 4G controversies, it's also not certain whether this device will be HSPA+ and HSUPA enabled at launch like the recent Samsung Infuse 4G.

[via PocketNow]