White iPhone 4 Prototype Ebay Listing Removed, Plus Latest Images Of The Real Deal

Earlier today we reported on what appears to be a prototype white iPhone 4 being auctioned on Ebay, listing at one point at around $3000. The device seemed legit with even the serial number and employee ID visible in the image, which would certainly cause trouble for the developer or whoever got hold of the device in an attempt to off load it. However, checking in now, we see that the listing has been removed. Perhaps, realization set in on what kind of trouble could loom ahead? And why splurge on a possibly buggy prototype when the real deal is only a day away? More early photos of the real thing after the cut.

An early image of the white iPhone 4 had first come from a Vodafone store in the UK, and now we have more coming in from a small Belgian retailer as well as Rogers and Virgin Mobile in Canada. Rogers was said to be circulating an internal memo that allowed stores to take orders but not to sell them yet. It is not confirmed whether the white iPhone 4 will be available at Rogers tomorrow or later this week.

Although specific to Canada, this new development does reveal that the white iPhone 4 will be priced the same as its black counterpart. The 16GB model will be priced at $159 and the 32GB model at $269. Release information for the U.S. still points to tomorrow with the Best Buy inventory leak.

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