White iPhone 4 to hit Best Buy on April 27

Way back when the iPhone 4 was first unveiled you were supposed to be able to get the smartphone in either white or black colors to suit your tastes. We even got our hands on the white version a bit and it looked pretty cool. That white iPhone 4 became a bit of a myth, as it was never able to come to market thanks to problems with the white paint and getting it to match phones made by different suppliers. That means for the entire life of the iPhone 4 so far the black version is all we have had.

That white iPhone is now apparently coming and in the UK the thing is already on the website of some carriers. Here in the US we haven't had a firm date yet. A new screen shot has surfaced that is allegedly from Best Buy's internal computer system that shows the white iPhone 4 in 16GB flavor with AT&T hardware. The launch date is 4-27 according to the screen shot and it will be in the store until 4-27-13 according to the listing.

9to5Mac also notes that its sources have previously told it that the white iPhone would hit the Netherlands on April 27 so Best Buy's launch date seems accurate enough. The publication also says that sources have told it that both 16GB and 32GB version of the white iPhone 4 have already been shipped to Best Buy. Apparently, most stores will have ten white iPhone 4 smartphones on launch day in 16GB capacity. There is no indication of how many 32GB models will be available in white.

[via 9to5Mac]