White HTC Sensation and HTC Sensation XE due October 1

A white HTC Sensation is incoming, it's been confirmed, with UK retailer Phones4u announcing that it has won the jump on other retailers to offer both the pale version of the existing Android smartphone and the new, Beats Audio enabled HTC Sensation XE from October 1. Meanwhile, the white HTC Radar will also be arriving at the retailer's stores on October 1, and the company is promising to put some heft behind Windows Phone marketing.

The Radar "will feature in hero POS [Point Of Sale] across all stores and its own demo hub across 150 of Phones4u's top stores" the company claims, while staff will receive specific Windows Phone training in preparation. That should hopefully address frequent complaints that in-store promotion of Windows Phone falls short of that for iOS and Android devices.

When they all arrive at the beginning of next month, the Sensation XE will be priced from free on a £36 or above two-year agreement, the white Sensation will be free on £31 or above agreements, and the Radar will be free on £26 or above agreements. If you would prefer a SIM-free Sensation XE, however, retailer MobileFun has confirmed that it will arrive on October 7 priced at £489.95 ($775).