Where is my HD-DVD Superbowl Commercial?

Daniel Lim - Feb 4, 2008, 11:58am CST

It’s funny you can’t hear a darn thing during the game on a Superbowl party but it’s usually dead quiet during the commercial break, then a big laugh as soon as its ends. That’s the effect of $90,000 per second commercial spot, it is as good as it gets in the industry. We expect nothing less than mind-blowing ingenuity and creativity. If you’ve followed the news on Toshiba’s Superbowl ad, a week before the game, you probably wonder why it never get aired.

It did but not nationally according to highdefdigest. It’s quite a pity for some of us that were hyped-up from the news, waited to see what Toshiba would come out with 2.7 million dollars investment for a comeback. I went back to my Tivo twice last night but no sign of Toshiba whatsoever. I guess they didn’t target the DFW area. But guess what, I didn’t miss a thing; it appears to be the same old, re-barged football-themed from Toshiba, nothing new and creative about it.

If you aren’t on Toshiba’s hit-list, here’s one from YouTube. Draw your own conclusion.

[via highdefdigest]

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