HD-DVD : We Ain't Dead, Check Us Out At Super Bowl XLII

Toshiba looks forward to launch their largest yet HD-DVD marketing initiative after the Warner's setback. They have reserved a 30-second Super Bowl XLII's commercial spot at the cost of 2.7 million dollars to re-promote the current HD-DVD line-up features HD-A3, A30 and A35.

The Super Bowl is the year most anticipated sport event in the United States. The market estimated more than 100 million viewers tune in for the game this year. Toshiba ad may not convince the industry Its HD-DVD format is a better their rival, but their strategy is to spread the technology though commercial, or perhaps to calm the public fears in losing battle? 'We're not done, check out our old HD-DVD players at affordable price'

We haven't seen heard any new development of HD-DVD hardwares since the A3-x series. May be they were right; they need more marketing initiatives instead of throwing cheaper and better hardware in a blindfold. Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy one of the worst electronic devices I ever owned, the To.shit.ba HD-A35. It's a classified Class-F buggiest media player that requires a frequent unplugging unit procedure to maintain its duty. Hey, who needs a power on/off button when you can reach the power cord? "HD-DVD, now with extra long power cord!" I want to see on commercial.

[via tgdaily]