Where can I get 5G data? Verizon’s 11 cities, and soon

Chris Burns - Feb 22, 2017, 10:17 am CST
Where can I get 5G data? Verizon’s 11 cities, and soon

Verizon’s start of 5G-speed data for mobile devices – smartphones, that is – begins in the first half of this year. The company has been careful not to be too specific in giving the exact time and date of the roll-out for 5G data speeds, but has given a set of 11 markets where it’ll start. In these 11 markets, 5G will be coming to pilot customers soon.

Verizon suggests that 5G data will be broadband, and that 5G data will bring Gigabit speeds. Verizon also suggests that 5G will be the foundation of future smart cities. Verizon’s initial rollout is set to test out 5G data speeds in both homes and offices – as well as, we hope, mobile smartphones.

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Partners working with Verizon to bring 5G technology to the world include Qualcomm, Samsung, Intel, and Ericsson. Different partners are working with Verizon in different parts of the world. Cities where 5G will be deployed by Verizon first include:

• Ann Arbor
• Atlanta
• Bernardsville, New Jersey
• Brockton, Massachusetts
• Dallas
• Denver
• Houston
• Miami
• Sacramento
• Seattle
• Washington, DC

Verizon’s 5G Technology Forum (5GTF) has “delivered an open specification for 5G fixed wireless that is immediately implementable.” In other words, this group of companies has created a definition for what “5G” is going to mean, and if other companies want to join in on the party, they’ll need to LIVE with it. Or make their own – which wouldn’t be quite so easy. Have a peek at the timeline below to learn more about 5G – check out Qualcomm’s newest bits especially.

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