WhatTheyPlay.com Keeps Parents Informed

Parents today are stuck making trying choices to do with technology and gaming and generally speaking they don't have enough knowledge to make a decent decision. Well a site has finally been created to let parents know what to watch out for in games. No, it doesn't just say blood, or violence. It actually goes into a lot of detail as to what might be a problem with young children.

When entering the site I was very happy to find the reviews done by someone who doesn't think games in general are the devil or are ruining our society. It was a pretty unbiased statement, sometimes in comments below parents felt like it was worse than they had stated. However, overall they seemed to keep most things covered.

WhatTheyPlay.com allows you to search for whatever game you're curious about, instead of trying to navigate your way through categories. Any parent who doesn't feel like they have quite enough information about a game can find everything from Dora the Explorer to the more violent Call of Duty 4. They even have a review for Brain Age 2.

[via crave]