WhatsApp updated for Android and version "N"

This week the folks behind WhatsApp have made the app far more compatible with the newest versions of Android. This newest iteration of the app brings on features for its newest camera, enabling new abilities – and a new look. There's a new bit of text formatting for all messages, and there's a new way to make replies happen quicker – with Android Wear, too. This update also allows you to reply from your Notifications panel – all in Quick Replies.

For those of you that love to surround your messages with special characters – you're not alone. WhatsApp developers have heard your please for new formatting with said characters. You'll be able to do the following three items with the following special symbols:




Easy enough!

There's a new way to archive multiple chats, mute multiple chats, and/or delete multiple chats at once, now. Tap and hold a chat, then select the rest you'd like to select, then delete, archive, or mute. Again, easy peasy.

Each chat now has the ability to be updated with one of a variety of solid colors. Make your best buddies green, your parents red, and your significant other pink or purple. Or whatever you'd like, of course.

A new Quick Camera button now appears in chats to allow you to pick a photo or video from your camera's gallery – or tap to take photos or video.

This update should be available for you from the Google Play app store as of this afternoon. Android 2.1 and up is required, so unless you've got a phone from 8 years ago, you should be fine.

For those of you that've not kept up with the past few WhatsApp updates, head to the timeline below. There you'll be well versed in all the customs.