WhatsApp update for July 2020: Dark Mode, QR codes, new stickers

Today we're taking a peek at what you need to know about the next update for WhatsApp for multiple platforms. This update adds new Animated Stickers, upgrades QR codes, and adds Dark Mode for WhatsApp web and desktop platforms. If you're working with video calls, you'll find the newly upgraded ability to include 8 people on a call. If you're one of the growing pack of people using a phone with KaiOS, you're in luck – a new feature, at last!

If you're using a KaiOS device, WhatsApp has an update that'll allow you to share updates with friends that disappear after 24 hours. This feature has not yet been available on this platform, as kaiOS is still very much an emerging OS for devices with what usually amounts to "essential" features only. But it's growing!

If you're on pretty much any other platform, you'll find new Animated Stickers. There'll be new animated sticker packs that the company calls "more fun and expressive" than what's been available before. Below you'll see a video presented by the official WhatsApp developer crew with notes on what's coming in this newest set of updates.

Dark Mode is appearing on WhatsApp for the web and in the desktop app. This means you don't have to BLAST your eyes out with white backgrounds at all times, you can hit the switch to go dark. Desktop users will benefit from group calls of up to 8 people at once, too. You can do this with your phone if you want, but you'll only really benefit from seeing the whole crew on a big display.

The QR codes update is on the way, too. With QR codes for mobile platforms, you'll be able to scan their QR code to add them directly to your contacts list in WhatsApp. It'll be simple – or so we hope!