WhatsApp update download brings Video Calls to Beta

WhatsApp has been updated to include video calling for the first time in the messaging app's history. This functionality was first brought to the Windows Phone version of the app, by some miracle, but is now ready for Android. The update for iOS was just made this past week, but it does not appear as though video calling is quite prepared for the iPhone as yet.

The newest version of the app will have a new set of access points, one of which is a "Video Call" button. This button appears after a call button has been tapped – the same phone button as always. The user will be given the option of tapping Voice Call or Video Call – and you'll know which one to choose.

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This version of the app with voice calling is the only version to get the new video call feature. Those WhatsApp users without the ability to run voice call features will not be able to access Video Calls. Once a Video Call has been completed, users will be asked to rate the quality of their WhatsApp call as per usual.

Inside the Voice call, users are given the option of muting themselves or the person on the other end of the call. They're also given the opportunity to switch cameras from front to back to front again. The user can also choose to hang up at any time.

Users can access the Beta version of this app through the Beta Google Play app store right this minute. This feature is not dependent on the very latest version of the app, and instead is a server-side update rolling out to users now. This update includes a number of bug fixes as well, so we're making with the download as soon as possible one way or the other.