What’s New in Android N?

Chris Burns - Mar 11, 2016, 11:56am CST
What’s New in Android N?

This week we’ve been running down the many features that appear in the next version of Android from Google. As we remember that this is only a developer preview release thus far, we can also conclude that not all features will be delivered to end-users by the time OEMs get onboard. What we’ve got today is a video from Google. This video shows what’s new in Android N for everyone able to load the software right this minute.

First you may want to jump in on our two guides for Android N. [Part One (5 features)] and [Part Two (five more features)]. These articles list the finer points of Android N from an end-user perspective – stuff you might get to play with a bit down the line.

The video you’re about to see comes straight from Google and outlines Android N for those that are going to be working with it straight away.

Data Saver’s newest update includes the ability to opt in or opt out – sort of – for apps. Encryption Aware apps are similar – they need to know where to stash their data when the time comes.

WARNING: Do not download Android N

Picture-in-Picture mode is made for Android TV, but we’d love to see its strangeness appear elsewhere. Bundled notifications are becoming more expansive, and Always-on VPN is now more automatic than it’s ever been before.

Perhaps the most apparent addition to this update is the split-screen functionality that we’ve been waiting for for months – and even years. With this we’ll be able to “get more done” – if you believe in that sort of thing – with Android tablets.

Android N allows a new Work Mode switch to be activated, and in Work Mode that a wallpaper lockdown be inflicted.

In part 1 and 2 of our exploration series (linked above) you’ll get more in-depth detail about the features that matter most in this Android N update. Drop in to go deeper!

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