What is Too Many Cooks? An 80's fever dream explained in gifs

There's nothing like a good Cartoon Network's Adult Swim video on a Friday morning to drive you completely bonkers. The video you're about to see is called "Too Many Cooks", and it was released without warning, without advertisement, without even a listing in any TV guide. It was shown once on Adult Swim in the wee hours of the morning earlier this week. It was only listed as an Infomertial, and it showed up at 4AM. Behold the absolute insanity that is this one-off.

We're about to hit peak #toomanycooks. According to the creator and director of this masterbeast, Casper Kelly, the "Too Many Cooks" special – also only going by the name "Infomertial" – played every morning the week of Halloween at 4AM.

Kelly describes Too Many Cooks as an "80's Sitcom Fever Dream", and generally appears to be refusing to explain it much further.

Above you'll see the video in its entirety. Make certain you're not watching this in front of your children or close relatives. It's not dirty or nasty, but it does have some blood in it – 80's serial killer action as well.

Above you'll see the hero of this picture, Smarf. He's the only muppet-like being in the series, and you'll want to watch out for him throughout this nightmare. Below you'll see him using his special rainbow powers.

The cartoon'd version of the guy you see in the next gif is the man you need to watch out for. It's like a Where's Waldo sort of situation, but you need to watch your back while you seek him out. If Smarf is the hero, "the guy" is the villain. They do battle before this is all said and done.

Return to a time when your whole family tried to lift a couch. Return to a time when pratfalls where the primary source of comedy in your life. Return to a time when the only response to every single situation was a reasonable chuckle.

Don't let yourself forget this moment. Set the timer on your camera.

Too Many Cooks is a terrible masterwork of nonsense. An ode to the 80's, and the television that was unleashed upon our collective unconscious. Something terrible, but also something excellent.

In the span of a few minutes, we travel through Full House, Wonder Woman, and a Galactic shadow of Star Trek. The darkest, most horrible parts of the lot of them.

Prepare yourself for the world after Too Many Cooks.