What is Bitcoin? Let AI explain

If you want to know what Bitcoin is and haven't been able to understand anyone trying to explain, boy do we have a video for you. This video comes from the folks at Botnik Studios. They're a team of creatives and/or engineers making artificial intelligence a tool for some of the strangest stuff I've ever seen before. They're using AI like a paintbrush, and the canvas is your mind.

In the video below, you're going to get blasted with information. This information was amalgamated using dozens of "Bitcoin explainers" – people who've tried to explain Bitcoin before, be it in blogs, on the radio, TV, or in streaming video. Data was input into predictive keyboards, which turned around and made a masterpiece.

It's kind of like the idea Mr Burns had back in '93 in an episode of The Simpsons by the name of "Last Exit to Springfield." Have a peek at how 1,000 monkeys working at 1,000 typewriters made their own version of what's above. It's... it's a LITTLE different.

If you'd really like to know what Bitcoin is all about, there's a really, really good talk up now courtesy of TED at Beacon Street. This is an independently organized TED event – but the information isn't any less well presented. The speaker is Jeremy Rubin, Technical Director of the MIT Bitcoin Project.

If you'd like further explanation for why Bitcoin and the Blockchain are important, look no further. Below is a TED Talk from TED at White City – that's an independently organized TED event as well. This teaching session comes from Galia Benartzi, co-founder, Business Development for Bancor. She knows her stuff, of that you can be sure.

Stay tuned – Blockchain and Bitcoin aren't going away any time soon. Not until they've crushed and re-organized our entire planet's perceptions of value.