What does 426,000 old cell phones look like?

Just out of curiosity, what happens to your cell when you are finished with it? Generally mine when they aren't completely dead end up circulating throughout my family. Then after that I have no idea what happens to them. However, there is no denying that Americans go through a lot of cell phones. Well an artist named Chris Jordan decided to capture this issue through a camera lens.

That is a photo of 426,000 cell phones, which is how many are retired in the U.S. alone everyday. It makes you wonder what happens to all of those cell phones, I'm pretty sure at least one of my old ones ended up in the trash. A lot of us know there are ways to recycle your phone, but how many of us actually do it

The artist takes quite a few photos purely to get a message out. Sometimes having a photo such as this puts things into perspective for those of us that just don't realize the damage we do.

The full shot of the 426,000 cell phones:

The Actual Size:

How Many Cell Phones in the US are Decommissioned Every Day [via Gizmodo]