WePay integrates Google's Wallet API for online payments

Though Apple Pay has captured much of the attention surrounding the space, Google Wallet is still the mobile payment leader. Google's mobile payment solution is about to get a lot more exposure, too, as the Search giant has struck a deal with WePay, who will integrate the Google Wallet Instant Buy API into various websites they process payment for. The deal could have a big impact for Google Wallet, too; WePay has major sites like GoFundMe and Constant Contact listed as clients.

The move will place the "Buy with Google" button on sites, where credit cards linked to a Google Wallet account can be used to pay for goods and services.

The deal reportedly came about as Google approached a WePay customer, InvoiceASAP, about integrating Google Wallet. WePay claims to be the first third-party payment processor to integrate Wallet into their service. InvoiceASAP will be the first to integrate Google Wallet into their payment options, which will open up 200,000 small businesses to pay with Google Wallet.

Details of the deal may be indicative of Google's approach to mobile payments. As Apple captures a lot of energy in physical retail, Google is making a point to approach enterprise and websites to integrate their API and allow users to pay via non-physical means.

Source: WePay