Weird Al music video for Lame Claim to Fame filmed in stop-motion

Weird Al's 7th of 8 music videos released this week in support for his album Mandatory Fun gets down and funky with celebrities of all kinds. Not directly, of course, as this video makes good pals with "Lame Claim to Fame", a song that's all about The Weird One's many associations with the most amazing people in the world – famous people!

He even goes so far as to note how he's posted first on a YouTube video. When you know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows Kevin Bacon, you don't just stay silent about it. You let the world know!

Bonus points if you saw the Dr. Demento appearance without being prompted by this sentence! Even more obscure than Demento himself is the referential musical style Al adopts with this song, that of a rock and roll group from North Carolina called Southern Culture on the Skids.

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