WebOS update 1.3.5 to hit today for Palm Pre

Palm is not doing as well as it had hoped with its Pre and Pixi devices running Web OS. The handsets are struggling to find a big market with Sprit and poor sales of the devices was part of the reason for the poor earnings that Palm recently posted.

The Pixi was updates early this month and the 1.3.5 update for the Pre was rumored at the same time. Sprint has now announced that the 1.3.5 update for the Pre is coming today.

The new update will improve battery life for the Pre in marginal coverage areas and will allow the device to play video and audio sent via MMS with a QCELP fix. The update will also allow Google Maps or Sprint Nav to be launched by tapping an address in contacts. Downloading over 2G connections is also supported with a minimized package.