webOS Touch to Share URLs, Calls, and More Between Pre3 and TouchPad

We're live at the webOS 3.0 / Palm / HP event today covering all the news that's blasting forth from the groups, all of it adding up to what seems to be the truth – webOS isn't dead. One of the more interesting features is a touch-to-share function that works between the Pre3 and the TouchPad, and more than likely between every other set of webOS devices in the future so long as they have webOS 3.0. This feature works to share everything from URLs to phone calls, allowing you to use the screen size you need when you need it.

There are a couple of prerequisites for this magic to happen. First, Palm and HP note: "Requires HP TouchPad with webOS 3.0 and Pre3 or Veer with webOS 2.2 or higher, both products having the same HP webOS account. Viewing URL web page content requires data connection via Wi-Fi or cellular connection." Then they add "Within wireless coverage area only. Actual speeds may vary. Email, mobile number, and related information required for setup and activation. Required data services sold separately; unlimited plan recommended and may be required. Not all web content may be available." Both of these rules seem to be in place mostly as a precautionary measure against foolish users who would desire perfect products, but they're helpful anyway.

How would you use this feature? One of the examples HP gives is sharing a URL with a friend, simply tapping the devices together rather than taking that extra few seconds or minutes to re-type the address in to an instant messanger or email. Another example is if you've found an article or an entire blog you'd like to have on one device when you've discovered it on the other – just tap. Connectedness!