webOS gets installed on x86 laptop [Video]

We're still waiting for more news on HP's rumored Hurricane project, believed to be a tablet running Palm's webOS and tipped, by some at least, for a rushed release before the end of the year, but until then it seems the modding community aren't willing to wait.  PreCentral forum member cdowers has managed to get webOS running on his Dell laptop, by loading the emulator's image onto an IDE hard-drive.Video demo after the cut

Rather than running webOS within a virtual machine, as the emulator normally does, this is an actual install of the platform onto the notebook.  Since the Dell lacks a touchscreen all navigation has to be done by keyboard and trackpad at this stage, and of course it's limited to a small resolution in the middle of the screen.

Still, if that can be tweaked – and we do know that Palm always intended webOS to be suitable for larger panels, such as you'd find on a tablet – then the homebrew community might be able to beat HP to the punch.