Web-based Instagram feed gets public hands-on: the limits continue!

Chris Burns - Feb 5, 2013, 1:14pm CST
Web-based Instagram feed gets public hands-on: the limits continue!

It’s time for Instagram to bring the full square photo experience to the web, starting today, with one very important missing feature: photo uploads. While the public has been able to view browser-based profiles of Instagram users for a few months now, the ability of a user to view their own feed (including all of their Instagram friends) has only been made real today. To see your Instagram feed, simply head to Instagram.com and log in – it’s just that simple!

With this new user interface for Instagram you’ll be able to see all of your own uploaded photos alongside the photos taken by the people you’re connected with through the service. At the moment this means you’re seeing the same feed that you’d otherwise only be able to see on your mobile device inside the Instagram app. With this interface you’re able to “like” photos with the little heart icon below each photo, connect to “photo pages”, and leave comments.


Each user name inside this iteration of Instagram connects to that user’s profile page on the web. Each profile is exactly the same sort of page we saw with the release of web-based profile pages several months ago, and each “photo page” is also essentially the same as it was back when Instagram arrived on the scene, these pages otherwise able to be linked to via Twitter. If you decide you’d like to connect to someone’s Twitter profile, you’re in for a treat: the “@” symbol doesn’t connect to Twitter profiles, it connects to Instagram profiles instead.


Of course your Tweets via Instagram will still be connecting to “@” profiles if you include said text, so you’re once again getting an ever-so-slightly different experience with hot-linking depending on where your content is published. The fun never ends! From your Instagram feed in the web browser you’re also able to delete photos and comments – but that’s it!

For the real total full Instagram experience you’re still going to have to head to the Instagram app on your respective iOS or Android machine – or Windows Phone machine or BlackBerry machine if you’re reading this post in the future. Have at it!

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