Wearable scooter launches in campaign with refined form

Remember that unusual wearable from last year? Hint: it's a fully functional scooter. What started as a concept has become an actual project, with its creator launching the transportation device on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo. As with its concept version, the "w scooter" collapses into a compact form that can be worn like a belt around one's waist.

The scooter is designed to be a simple and compact way to get around in the city. Unlike a normal scooter or a compact bicycle, the scooter can be stored hands-free while you're out and about, making it more convenient when going into a shop or riding on the train.

The scooter's creator has shown off a working prototype in the video above. According to the funding campaign, the device weighs a total of 2.3kg, and is constructed from PVC, stainless steel, polystyrene, and plywood. The footboard looks just big enough for one foot, while the wheels retract and open up depending on the handle's position.

The w scooter team, which is based in Hungary, is seeking 11,000 Euro on Indiegogo. The campaign is a little different than usual, as the scooter's creator is trying to raise funds for production by offering a few different pocket tools for 20 to 50 Euro rather than finished units of the scooter itself.

SOURCE: Indiegogo