weaKnees TiVo Premiere gets up to 640hrs HD recording

Biggest headache with the new TiVo Premiere has probably been the sluggish HD UI, but coming up in second place is likely the mere 320GB hard-drive the company fit as standard.  That's good enough for up to 400hrs of SD content or 45hrs of HD, but if that's going to put a dampener on your home entertainment experience then head over to weaKnees.  The official TiVo retailer has come up with some custom models of their own, offering up to 317hrs of HD recording.

$299.99 bags you a basic, stock TiVo Premiere, but for $499.99 you can get an upgraded one with a bigger hard-drive good for up to 2070hrs of standard definition content or 236hrs of HD.  Step up to $699.99, meanwhile, and an even bigger HDD upgrade makes for a whopping 2777hrs of SD or 317hrs of HD.

Finally, $999.99 gets you the biggest TiVo Premiere system of them all, pairing the upgraded DVR unit with an external hard-drive for up to 5600hrs of standard-def or 640hrs of high-def.  Despite the upgrades, the boxes are still eligible for TiVo's Lifetime Service, and if you use the promo code "ZNF" – negotiated by Dave Zatz – you can save 5-percent on the sticker price.

[via Zatz Not Funny]