We can see right through Samsung’s latest advertising

Chris Davies - Jan 8, 2013, 6:27pm CST
We can see right through Samsung’s latest advertising

If CES is all about grabbing eyeballs, then Samsung’s transparent display cases could be the perfect promotional accessory: drop your new product in the box, load up a video, and see people queue up to gawp. First announced last August, as part of Samsung’s push into atypical screen aspect ratios, the cases are intended to show off the company’s efforts in transparent screens.

The concept is pretty straightforward. The product sits in a lightbox, with glass sides and an illuminated back and bottom panel, while the front is actually a display. That can be loaded with a promotional video, with a list or specifications, or something else, and constantly loops.

Alternatively, there’s full PC control, so you could cook up a display which would interact with the viewer. That might include showing different specifications and demo clips, depending on what they want to see, or paging through pricing and other information.

Samsung Transparent Display Case eyes-on:

Although we’ve seen transparent screens before – Samsung was showing off panels based on the same technology back at CES last year – this is perhaps the best use we can actually think of for the panels. They’re undoubtedly cool, but otherwise not terribly practical.

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