Waterless Household Cleaner Saves the World

Chris Burns - Nov 3, 2010
Waterless Household Cleaner Saves the World

Do you know how much of that bottle of spray cleaner is actually just water? Basically 95% of it. You know who’s taking care of this situation? Replenish, a new multi-surface cleaner who’s main goal (other than saving the world and earning some profits along the way) is to ask you to “rethink the bottle. They offer basically a cartridge system where you buy an empty bottle, (or maybe that part’ll end up being free,) then purchase the chemicals that turn the water into a cleaner in a tinier bottle.

The tinier bottle attaches neatly to the bottom of your empty bottle, and all you’ve gotta do it add water. Each of these small chemical pods can be mixed to create four full bottles of cleaner. Currently you can buy these things and get them shipped to you for free: the empty bottle runs $8 and replacement pods costs $4 each. Reasonable? Make it work, people.

[Via Good Clean Tech]

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