'Watchmen' may be HBO's next hit series

HBO has no shortage of hits in its history, and one day an episodic Watchmen adaption may be among them. The company entertained the development of its own Watchmen series a couple years ago, and now it is reportedly back with new plans, ones that are entirely independent of its previous Watchmen ambitions. The network is said to be in talks with Damon Lindelof who is known for his work on The Leftovers, Lost and more.

According to Variety, sources are claiming that HBO and Lindelof are in talks about developing a Watchmen series based on the comics released decades ago. HBO hasn't commented on the rumor, and the sources say there isn't any actual deal in place at this time. The series, if it does happen, won't be related to the movie from Zack Snyder released in 2009.

Back in late 2015, HBO confirmed that it was talking with movie director Zack Snyder about making an adaption for television, though details on that were slight and the project never came to fruition. It is just as possible that the latest rumored talks could also fall through with nothing to be shown for them.

The sources don't go into any details about Lindelof's alleged take on the comics, nor whether there is even a definite story established at this point. If the show does receive the greenlight, it could be years before it premieres on the network, though we'll no doubt know more about it when that time comes.

SOURCE: Variety