Watch YouTube explode with classic concerts

Chris Burns - Jul 8, 2014
Watch YouTube explode with classic concerts

A vast trove of music concerts has arrived on YouTube this week thanks to the folks at Wolfgang’s Vault. That’s “Where Live Music Lives”, if you did not know, Wolfgang’s Vault being the pusher of Music Vault, the YouTube channel where you can see it all happen now.

Bands from Bob Dylan to Fleet Foxes, Deer Tick to The Who – all appear in this 1,600+ video collection. In the very short amount of time this network has been online, under cover, it’s already gotten a whopping 10.8 million views.

According to Music Vault, they’ve got the “largest live music collection in the world.” They’re hand-curating what they upload, of course, and more videos are added daily.

There really, truly is a wide variety of concerts in this collection, as you’ll see below. First we’ve got a Rage Against the Machine performance in full – straight from 1999’s Woodstock.

You’ll be pumped to see this performance of Power of Love by Huey Lewis & the News next. This was performed in may of 1989.

A black and white performance of One Way or Another by Blondie comes from the year 1979. Live from somewhere.

An extra-strange collection of music wouldn’t be complete without Kenny G. This is a lovely tune called Songbird, performed in 1987.

Let us know if you’ve found any other gems. We’ll be diving in and making with the posting.

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