Watch where you step - WowWee's Roboboa!

While I'm jonesing like crazy to get my hands on WowWee's Dragonfly robot, that doesn't mean I'll turn my nose or heels up at any other mechanical wonder that passes my way.  So I find very interesting the news from forum member RSV3L, who apparently has the occasional conversation with WowWee founder Mark Tilden, about the latest in line to the Robosapien throne: Roboboa.

As the name might suggest, it's a robot snake.  But actually that does it a disservice – it's a dancing robot snake.  We have RSV3L to thank for the following details:

  • It's a dancing robot snake with cool lights and moves its' body in time to music.

  • It is also a futuristic alarm clock.
  • More details, as well as links to video of Roboboa in action after the cut!


  • It acts as a room sentry that can track motion in the room while holding it within its' spotlight.

  • Act as a funky disco speaker for an iPod.

  • It will have a remote control and you can program up to 40 individual movements into it.

  • (Rumour) It will have mount points on its' body for hackers to play with and be able to fire soft projectiles as it strafes a room.
  • There are videos of it in jaunty action available at  It's hinted to be priced at $119 on launch.

    [Thanks to Robert for the tip]