Watch today’s Nintendo Direct live stream right here

Eric Abent - Sep 13, 2017
Watch today’s Nintendo Direct live stream right here

In case you missed it, Nintendo is planning a rather long Nintendo Direct broadcast for later today. Back when the live stream was announced on Monday, Nintendo said that it will cover the games coming to both the Switch and the 3DS over the next few months. A main focus of the show will be Super Mario Odyssey, so if you’ve been looking forward to that, you’ll definitely want to tune in.

The live stream starts at 6 PM Eastern/3 PM Pacific and there are a variety of different ways to watch. It’ll be streamed on Nintendo’s website, YouTube channel, and Twitch channel, allowing you to pick whichever video platform suits you best. To save you the trouble of hunting down these channels, however, we’ve embedded Nintendo’s Twitch stream below.

Though you won’t see anything but a black box of nothingness in the hours leading up to the show, the Twitch embed you see should spring to life shortly before 6 PM Eastern. It’s then that we’ll see more from previously announced Switch and 3DS titles, but there’s always a chance that we’ll get a few surprises during the show too.

On Switch, possible games we’ll see are Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Pokken Tournament DX, Fire Emblem Warriors, Sine Mora EX, and Skyrim. We should probably expect Nintendo to devote a lot of time to Super Mario Odyssey – perhaps at the expense of some of the other games listed – as it’s easily the biggest Switch game launching before the end of the year. Just as well, don’t expect to see a whole lot from indie titles headed to the Switch, considering Nintendo just hosted a Nindies live stream a few weeks back.

For 3DS, Pokemon will probably land the lion’s share of attention. Not only are Pokemon UltraSun and UltraMoon coming up in November, but we’ll also see Pokemon Gold and Silver launch on the 3DS Virtual Console later this month. Other games to look out for include Fire Emblem Warriors, Metroid: Samus Returns, and Etrian Odyssey V.

At the end of it all, we’ll just have to wait and see what Nintendo has in store. We’ll have coverage of Nintendo’s big announcements here at SlashGear, so keep it here for more.

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