Watch the World Cup streaming here now free

Chris Burns - Jul 1, 2014
Watch the World Cup streaming here now free

This week we’re keeping up with the World Cup as Belgium takes on the United States. This match can be streamed on the internet in several ways, only one of which is entirely free – and legal. If you speak Spanish, all the better – if you speak English and refuse to watch the match in anything but English, you’ll need to get your wallet out.

To access the game immediately, you’ll want to head to the Univision Stream. There you’ll see the game in glorious high-definition entirely for free. You’ll be subject to a couple of commercials beforehand, but you’ll have some of the finest quality live video we’ve ever seen of a sporting event.

If you’re all about English, you’ll need to be subscribed to a cable provider in your area that agrees with the ability to stream ESPN to the web. Once you’ve got that secured, head to Watch ESPN. They also have an app by the same name, also requiring that you have access to your cable provider.

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