Watch the futuristic Sondors Metacycle cruise the California coast

Sondors futuristic-looking Metacycle, its first electric motorcycle, is expected to hit the market at a shockingly low price point around the end of the year, offering urban customers a lightweight, inexpensive way to get around the city. Though the bike isn't yet available to purchase, you can now see it in action in a new range test video.READ: Sondors Metacycle electric motorcycle is weirdly affordable

Sondors has shared a new video of the Metacycle electric motorcycle on a real-world cruise down the California coast. The bike is, as you'd expect, as quiet as it is sleek, presenting a look that is distinctly 'motorcycle' in nature, but with a shiny, boxy appearance that distinguishes it from its classic gas-powered siblings.

The Metacycle is one of the more interesting electric motorcycles we've seen in recent history. The model packs a 4,000 watt-hour battery pack capable of powering the bike for a modest 80-mile range. That may seem a bit low, but it's a solid compromise when you consider the bike's starting price of $5,000 USD.

The Metacycle supports public charging stations and includes a removable battery for those who need to charge it indoors overnight (it takes around four hours if you're using an ordinary outlet). The electric motorcycle has a curb weight of 200lbs and will be offered in three color options: Naked Silver, Supermassive Black, and Arctic White.

Ultimately, the bike is made for someone who wants a compact all-electric way to get around the city, one that can be charged quickly and used regularly. The low starting price makes this one of the most affordable electric motorcycles, but shipping isn't expected to start until the fourth quarter of the year.