Watch Samsung's 17-inch foldable tablet and rollable phone in action

This week Samsung Display showed off a pair of devices that make folding a touchscreen seem simple. It's not easy to nail this situation down – not by a long shot – but Samsung showed the pair like they've been making these sorts of devices for decades. In reality, they are on the cutting edge, but folding devices like these are still in their "this might work, so let's try it" phase. Most people in the world haven't seen a folding display in real life, much less owned a phone with the tech.

Samsung showed off a 17-inch folding screen meant for tablets and/or other industrial technology devices. They also showed a double-folding display meant for a smartphone. First, take a peek at the commercial-like sort of presentation with the video "Better life through Samsung OLED."

There you'll see the "foldable laptop" and the smartphone that folds more than once. You'll also see a rollable display – that's basically an expanding phone. None of these devices are technically hard-and-fast products yet, but if Samsung Display has their way, they will be very soon.

Next, have a peek at the keynote speech made during SID 2021 by Samsung Display called "The Metaverse and the Great Future of Display." This keynote showed off some real-deal hardware. It also let it be known that Samsung Display is preparing to deliver displays that are foldable, rollable, slidable, stretchable, and tiled.

Samsung Display made it look, this week, like someone busted the lock off the floodgates. The future of the display seems prepared to be unleashed, now that Samsung has what appears to be a handle on allowing touchscreens to move every which way without significant damage.

Now the company must convince Samsung Mobile and/or the rest of the smartphone and odd-device-making universe to take them up on their offer to potentially produce the next wild smart device. What sort of odd creation will be released with a stretchable display first? Why would anyone ever need such a thing? Will it run Android? We shall see!