Watch OK Go’s next music video with major eye-trickery

Chris Burns - Jun 17, 2014
Watch OK Go’s next music video with major eye-trickery

Today the band OK Go releases their next single in music video form, “The Writing’s On the Wall” complete with forced perspective galore. This music video takes on the legacy the band has built with a variety of music videos before, each of them creating a spectacle of themselves. As if built to be viral in the first place, OK Go seems to have the formula down.

On the other hand, the formula changes each time OK Go releases a video. Today’s video takes you on a journey through a large lab of colors and letters, each set up to show you a visual as the band stops or moves in a certain way.

The song you’re hearing above is part of an EP called Upside Out. This EP is part of the album Hungry Ghosts, the band’s newest effort. The band draws inspiration from artists Felice Varini, Salvador Dali, and likely such odd photographers as Zander Olsen.

Below you’ll see the song “This Too Shall Pass” by OK Go. This video is similar to the newest video with its use of a single shot – as all great OK Go videos aim to roll with.

Finally you’ll see the video for “End Love” from all the way back in 2010. This video also uses one long shot and some excellent stop motion strangeness.

Let us know which of the full OK Go collection of videos – which spans far further than this – is your favorite!

VIA: OK Go Facebook

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