Watch Nintendo at E3 Live here

Today Nintendo's Digital Event at E3 2015 is taking place worldwide from a single YouTube live portal. Below you'll have a peek at that event. This event's theme is "Transformation." Super Mario Brothers is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and Nintendo wants to make it clear that they're going to continue transforming the gaming universe with "Super Mario Creator" – as revealed earlier this year. It's your chance to transform the environment.

Like all Nintendo conferences at events like E3, Nintendo does't leave this up to chance. They don't go live – they pre-make the entire presentation. Amiibo is another big theme for this conference. In the presentation Nintendo makes today, you'll find Amiibo animations – not Amiibo on a stage.

The following video is a LIVE portal. As such, if you view it after the event is over, you do so at your own risk!

Amiibo will be making their Skylanders debut this year. Nintendo is "very protective of its franchises," but because Skylanders has become so big, they've been able to team up with Nintendo directly. This is unprecedented.

Amiibo for Skylanders will have a switch that allows them to be used on their own, in Skylanders, in a vehicle, or in other Nintendo games.

Stick around for more insanity!