Watch Grandma fly a drone

It's clear that this grandma doesn't live in downtown Washington DC. What you're about to see is a GoPro-captured grandmother by the name of Els Van Boldrik capturing her morning, including walking the dog, watering the flowers, and gathering some fruit. With a DJI drone and an attached GoPro camera, this elderly woman also takes to the streets like a teenager, remote controlling her flying machine with the greatest of ease. If only every grandma has access to such radical technology for their everyday early springtime adventures.

The DJI drone Boldrik is flying around comes from DJI, a company that makes several drones that work with GoPro camera mounts. The footage you see in this video spot comes 100% from a set of GoPro cameras. You'll see only a couple of establishing shots with one camera, then the rest from the perspective of the other.

This video establishes again that there's an awesomely good side to the drone age – it's not just about spying and crashing. Everyone can enjoy flight – and with the dawn of the action camera, everyone can travel with the drone they fly.

The music you're hearing here comes courtesy of ExtremeMusic, a group that sells beats to some of the biggest names in music and production.

Have a peek below to see more from GoPro, including footage from around the world.