Watch fish play Street Fighter or Pokemon now

If you have nothing better to do than watch a fish play a video game today, they by all means, read on. What two intrepid madmen have done over the past few weeks with their fish, a video control overlay, and two top-notch video games is create a couple of masterpieces. Games played by fish.

What you're going to see first is "Fish Plays Pokemon." This beast of a public display was made public back earlier this month. He's made quite a bit of progress for a gamer with no hands or fingers, that's for certain.

Fish VS Fish in Street Fighter II is a slightly more expansive enterprise. You'll see Fighter 1, Aquarius, take on Fighter 2, Robert the Bruce in a battle you'll never forget. This battle has both fish in the same tank with advanced tracking, allowing each fish to have its movements roll with the punches and kicks.

Have we reached Peak Twitch? Or can we make something stranger? It's all up to you!